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Important Facts and Formulae Minute Spaces : The face or dial of watch is a circle whose circumference is divided into 60 equal parts, called minute spaces. Hour Hand and Minute Hand: A clock has two hands, the smaller one… Read Article »

Chain Rule

Important Facts and Formulae Direct Proportion : Two quantities are said to be directly proportional, if on the increase (or decrease) of the one, the other increases (or decreases) to the same extent. E.g. Cost is directly proportional to the… Read Article »


Important Facts And Formulae Odd Days : We are supposed to find the day of the week on a given date. For this, we use the concept of ‘odd days’. In a given period, the number of days more than… Read Article »

Boats and Streams

Important Facts and Formulae Downstream/Upstream : In water, the direction along the stream is called downstream. And, the direction against the stream is called upstream. If the speed of a boat in still water is u km/hr and the speed… Read Article »

Banker’s Discount

JOIN US ON FACEBOOK IMPORTANT CONCEPTS Banker’s Discount : Suppose a merchant buys goods worth, say Rs. 5,000 from another merchant B at a credit of say 5 months. Then, B prepares a bill, called the bill of exchange. A… Read Article »

Time and Distance

IMPORTANT FACTS AND FORMULAE 1. Speed = [Distance/Time], Time=[Distance/Speed], Distance = (Speed×Time) 2. x km/hr = [x×5/18] m/sec. 3. If the ratio of the speeds of A and B is a:b, then the ratio of the times taken by them to cover the… Read Article »